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Re: debian8 & graphics

> > When you say legacy, like a Athlon 64 (Pentium 4 equal) single core with
> > 3GB ram, GeForce 8600GT with w/512MB, and a Vortex 8830 sound card? I
> > run it in Debian Stretch with Xfce. On the other hand, I have noticed my
> > GeForce 4000 no longer works. But, hey, even old computers have to stop
> > at some point. I just hope this PC Chips mother board gives me another
> > year or two.
> I assume you tried the "legacy" driver or installing directly from
> nvidia to roll your own?? I'd expect my old 486 DX2-66 to still work. :) Ric

The 8600GT runs very well with latest graphics driver from NVidia (closed 
source). You have to add "non-free" to your sources list, then you can install 
the packages from debian. I personally prefer the nvidia-dkms-package, so 
every time I get a new kernel, the kernel module is beein build.

Take a look at it, the 8600GT runs well with all 3XX versions of nvidia 

Good luck!


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