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Re: Coder friendly font Anonymous Pro (ttf-anonymous-pro)

David Wright <deblis@lionunicorn.co.uk> writes:

> Quoting Joe Pfeiffer (pfeiffer@cs.nmsu.edu):

>> Looks interesting -- I've been using Terminus for quite a while -- it's
>> another fixed-width programmer-friendly font, Comparing it with
>> Anonymous Pro, it seems a bit narrows and doesn't seem to have as much
>> variation in apparent weight (Anonymous Pro's W is so much darker than
>> the other characters on a line I'm looking at that it looks like it's in
>> Bold!).
> So you've installed it? Are you using it in a VC or an xterm?
> I'm not sure how you would use it: the package contains four TTF files
> and that's it.

I appear to have installed at some point; I tend to just install the
fonts that come up in the repository without thinking about it.

I tried it in an xterm (more specifically, xfce4-terminal).  I just
went to the preference's editor, saw that it was one of the font
options, and switched to it.  All the text in all my terminal windows
was suddenly in Anonymous Pro.

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