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Re: bash script globbing

On Sun, September 20, 2015 3:28 pm, Loïc Grenié wrote:
>> #!/bin/bash
>> enscript --media=letter -2 --landscape --borders \ --header='$n|A.D.
>> $D{%Y.%m.%d}|$* gmt | Page $% of $=' "$1"
> Here "$1" means "for the first argument"
> If enscript can work with several files together, you cn substitue "$1"
> simply by "$@" If however enscript can only work one file at a time,...

Thanks.  A week or so ago I asked for help, because enscript was not
seeing changes which I made to the configuration file in order to change
the margins and customize headings; that I why I ended up putting the
customization into a bash script "enscript+".

However, just now, when I executed "enscript *" on a directory of files,
to see whether the unmodified package could handle globs, all of the files
printed properly, together with the customized headers!  So now I am
confused, but at least I am able to use the glob "*" and have the headers
and margins which I desired.



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