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Re: Currency problem

Sorted, thanks for the assistance. It turned out that the "Chrome currency converter" was installed. I don't know how as I don't remember installing it. I disabled and deleted it and now I'm back to some form of sanity! I've been using Linux since the mid 1990s but this is my first successful attempt at Debian.
Thanks again.


On 15/09/15 17:16, Curt wrote:
On 2015-09-15, Heracles <heracles@iprimus.com.au> wrote:
When I use Google Chrome it converts all currency to euros. What have I
done wrong?

I don't believe it has anything to do with your locale.  I would check
your browser language settings (use the wrench, Luke) and set them to
English (Australian) and see what happens.

You're not running the extension (Chrome Currency Converter), are you?

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