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Re: Extracting directories from an ISO image, command line tool?

On 2015-09-10 at 09:06, Richard Owlett wrote:

> Environment:
> Using dd I have copied physical [NO INTERNET AVAILABLE ;] Debian 
> DVD's to
> /media/distributionA resulting in
> /media/distributionA/DVD1.iso
> /media/distributionA/DVD2.iso
> .
> .
> /media/distributionA/DVDn.iso
> Goal:
> Extract pool directory (and all of its sub-directories) resulting in
> /media/distributionA/poolA/
> /media/distributionA/poolA/contrib
> /media/distributionA/poolA/main
> What commands should I be looking at?


In Windows, I know the 7-Zip utility can open and extract ISOs, but the
7z command-line utility in Linux apparently doesn't have that ability
(at least not as packaged in Debian).

For most purposes, I'd just use mount and then either cp or rsync, but
if you need to automate it as non-root it looks like you can do that
with orrisox (part of the xorriso package):

orrisox -indev /path/to/file.iso -extract . -subdir

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