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Re: adobe flash player in iceweasel does not work anymore in jessie

On 2015-09-09, Paul van der Vlis <paul@vandervlis.nl> wrote:
> Op 09-09-15 om 12:20 schreef Liam O'Toole:
>> If you use flashplayer-mozilla from deb-multimedia, then you get updates
>> automatically. 
> When you use cron, you get updates automatically too. See my other post.

I saw that, thanks. I prefer to manage updates through APT. Each to his

>> Conflicts are avoided by pinning the deb-multimedia repository.
> I think this is complex to do right.
> My experience: deb-multimedia in sources.list gives problems.
> See: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianMultimedia/FAQ#Common_issues
> When I need a package from deb-multimedia, I use wget and dpkg.

I've been using Flash from deb-multimedia for years without issue (on
stable releases, I grant you). I use the following pinning:

Package: *
Pin: release o=Unofficial Multimedia Packages
Pin-Priority: 100



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