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Re: apache2 locally broken

Paolo Cavallini <cavallini@faunalia.it> writes:

Il 08/09/2015 14:27, Paolo Cavallini ha scritto:
Il 08/09/2015 14:12, Reco ha scritto:

It there anything useful in apache's error.log? Maybe failed dpkg configuration script left httpd.conf in invalid state, or something.

Unfortunately the log is empty (a previous error showed apache was unable to open it, so I changed ownership to root:www-data, which seemed to me an odd thing to do. Thanks for your help.

Hi all, am I the only one having this problem? I'm pretty much stuck - if not here, is there another place to seek for help?

Given Apache is unable to open the log file, i'm wondering if Apache is trying to store logs on a full partition?


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