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Re: Re: Apache's strange behavior on Debian?

Hi John,

Just to clarify, I have one Apache installation on a frond-end proxy, and one on a backend server. On the backend, I have 2 Apache virtual hosts configured on the backend individually called ServerA.local and ServerB.local, 2 Apache virtual hosts on the proxy called ServerA.com and ServerB.com for corresponding virtual hosts on the backend. So the traffic is expected to like below:

https://ServerA.com => https://ServerA.local
https://ServerB.com => https://ServerB.local

I have "ProxyPreserveHost On" on the proxy side for both apache virtual hosts, also had "%{X-Forwarded-For}i %v %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b" options for verbose logging on the backend, everytime when I go https://ServerB.com, the contents of https://ServerA.com get displayed, on the proxy logging side, I do see the correct URL https://ServerB.com when the requests coming in, but on the backend, I see serverA-local.log records all the activities, clearly the traffic has been directed to the wrong Apache virtual host on the backend. Since everything is displayed fine w/o going through proxy (i,e: https://ServerB.local & https://ServerA.local displays everything fine), I assume something is broken on the Apache proxy? This is actually very easy to produce, no complicated rules on both backend and proxy, all most basically stuff...


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