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Re: Okay, that's too much now!

On 2015-09-05 at 20:23, Erik Lauritsen wrote:

> I have been a Debian user for more than 15 years, when the "war"
> about systemd broke out I mostly ignored it, I just removed systemd
> from my systems because I don't like the implementation.
> Today I was setting up a new Debian system and wanted to remove
> systemd only to find our that the old tools "bsdutils" has been made
> dependent upon libsystemd0
> "This package contains the bare minimum of BSD utilities needed for a
> Debian system: logger, renice, script, scriptreplay, and wall. The
> remaining standard BSD utilities are provided by bsdmainutils."
> What the freaking !#¤"#¤"¤#"#%" are people doing!?
> Why the hell has this collections of utilities from FreeBSD been made
> dependent upon libsystemd0!?!?!?

Because logger has support for writing to the systemd journal, and it
needs some way to detect whether or not systemd is present, so that it
can know whether or not attempting to write to the journal will work.

libsystemd0 provides functions to enable detection of which systemd
components are present / available, and - to the best of my awareness,
which may not be very good in this area - little or nothing else. It's
the piece which lets programs be able to work with systemd when it's
there, but also work without it when it's not there. It is not systemd

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