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Re: Another system management tool to disappear.

Quoting Andrew McGlashan (andrew.mcglashan@affinityvision.com.au):
> On 1/09/2015 11:08 PM, The Wanderer wrote:
> >> > west!david 12:22:14 ~ $ diff -U0 VC-login-*[ey]
> >> > --- VC-login-jessie     2015-08-31 11:34:23.476573261 -0500
> >> > +++ VC-login-wheezy     2015-08-31 11:38:11.000000000 -0500
> > How did you get these files? I haven't been able to come up with a way
> > to get a dump of the exact text that is on a console, short of manually
> > typing it into an editor (probably on another computer, for
> > convenience's sake). Parts of it are logged, but not as far as I can
> > tell into a single file, and I would actively expect that the text I'm
> > objecting to would get logged separately (if at all) in any case.
> conspy perhaps ?

That is a very neat tool that I hadn't come across. It works over ssh,
and cut-and-paste works well. Presumably you can avoid c&p by running
it inside a script command.

But the limitation that affects me*, compared with using gpm to
c&p from the original console, is that you can't run it until you can
access the computer remotely, by which time some information that I
would want to capture has scrolled off the screen out of conspy's grasp.

*My use case is normally capturing messages produced at boot up, most
of which have scrolled off the screen by the time you want to capture
them. This is why I posted


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