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Re: Another system management tool to disappear.

On 9/4/15, doark@mail.com <doark@mail.com> wrote:
> On 08/30/2015 17:49:31,Doug wrote:
>> On 08/30/2015 03:33 PM, T.J. Duchene wrote:
>> > I know this because I have actually built 95% of base Linux from
>> > source by hand - multiple times  -  over the last 17 years. In my
>> > opinion, if you don't want to take the effort to do the work, then
>> > you simply have to accept other's decisions regarding what they
>> > compiled in.
>> >
>> >
>> /snip/
>> That's easy for you to say, since you are obviously a programmer. The
>> rest of us may never have programmed anything, and C just looks like
>> some foreign language --which it is! What we would like is stability,
>> and until Poettering started messing with Linux, we pretty much had
>> it--at least in any given distro.
> Don't fret, I program in C and I'm only running funtoo and I'm already
> way over my head. I don't mind having to read the manual or compile
> things, it's the bugs, I must have a collection of at least 100 and the
> devs want all non mission critical ones reported upstream. I've
> tried to report 6 and most of the time I can't reach them or they don't
> respond. I've gotten 1 reply, and I've decided to help him with his
> project, menumaker.
> In short, there is no way you could have enough time to maintain your
> own system that you create from scratch unless you have a serious
> amount of education, time, and working config files. Even then it would
> be a nightmare.

Had to catch myself and NOT create noise by asking David how he
learned some of these out there things I've just seen in the last few
emails. Smacked myself in the head (no, really, it hurt) because a lot
of what we know is simply about how involved we each are with our user
specific installs.

If our usage of Debian primarily involves opening a few .iso, .deb,
whatever and installing then off to the rest of Life outside Debian,
exposure is minimal as will then be the need to stop and spend time
learning something new about Debian's inner intricacies. If we're the
type to ceaselessly poke around under the hood and thus inevitably
break things in the process, the need to self-teach the inner workings
of Debian rises exponentially....... as then does one's knowledge that
can hopefully next be shared on lists like Debian-User......

Internet search engines have proved to basically 99.9% of the time
come through with answers for me when I do inevitably break my
Debians. Beyond the user generated errors behind this keyboard, the
transitions related glitches recently were pretty much a known Sid
unstable given. Just took user patience to get through it. In fact
there were more uninstallables I never commented about last few days
(libavfilter-ffmpeg5). Those will be (magically) fixed as soon as the
latest updates are finished installing here, approximately 2 days
after the issue showed up.

Back to the search engines, I used to spend A LOT of EXTREMELY
FRUSTRATED time wading through unnecessary information trying to find
answers years ago. I started entering search engine queries as the
exact questions I had, meaning as full *sentences*, and I swear that
finally helped refine the searches.

More relevant information now bubbles to the top, front page of those
searches than ever used to happen. Prior to that, I can remember
having to dig onto Page 2, Page 3, or worse to find something
appropriate. I don't know if the difference today is that the quality
of websites favored by search engines have changed or if asking fully
worded questions any other user might ask has helped after all these
years, but there you go.

Cindy :)

Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

* runs... back outside because she's not done with daily chores yet... *

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