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Re: the IBM keyboard

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On 31/08/15 11:39, rlharris@oplink.net wrote:
> On Sun, August 30, 2015 8:18 pm, Karen Lewellen wrote:
>> Oh joy!  forgive my nose, especially since I missed this post at
>> first. Still, I am typing right now, this very moment, on a real
>> IBM clicky keyboard! However the cable is starting to fray,  and
>> I was wondering if I would be able to replace this treasure...i.
>> have. had. this. for. a. very! long time. Anyway, your link to
>> this company may be a solution and I am sososososo happy! thanks,
>> Kare
> If the only problem is a cable, all you need to do is find a local 
> technician who can replace the cable with the cable from one of
> the chinese keyboards which someone has tossed into the dumpster.
> Of course, most keyboards nowadays are USB.  But most of us
> (myself included) have in the closet a keyboard or two which uses
> the old-style connector, if that is what you need.

The other thing that might work if you can't get a PS/2 keyboard cable.

Get some 5-core shielded cable and a DIN-5 connector.  Solder that up
to replace the faulty keyboard cable.  Then use a DIN-5 → PS/2 adapter
to plug it into your PS/2 socket.
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