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Re: kde 5 display problem

Am Donnerstag, 3. September 2015, 12:30:20 schrieb Nick Zarkadas:
> Hi Hans
> I tried it but it didn't work.
> Last week in the same machine I had installed fedora 22 and I didn't had
> any problem with the desktop except the sddm screen  (it was  black and
> white again.)

Hi Nick, 
that is a pity. The problem with kde5 is the dependencies in debian/testing. 
Maybe you can backup your ~/.kde directory, then deinstall kde and reinstall.
Do not install from unstable, as it will uninstall a lot of kde related 

Maybe try first to install kde4 from stable, then upgrade to testing. Then 
install plasma-desktop and the other stuff. Really, go step-by-step.

Do not forget to install libkdecoration* with the older version. (Sorry, I can 
not exactly name the correct ones at the moment, so look at my posts from 
Aug/2015 in this list, and look at the answer).

At the moment I also could not get SDDM managed to start. Neither with breeze 
nor with another skin. This might work on other computers. On my desktop-pc , 
I got sddm started, but I could not login. IMO sddm is buggy. So I reverted 
back to kdm, which runs fine.

If you get kde5 started , copy .kde back to your home. 

However, during my tests I never could get a fresh kde5 started correctly, but 
with my old ~/.kde from kde4 it started well. I suppose, it is because kde5 is 
still a mix of kde4 and kde5 libs.

Sorry, I cannot give more help, it is difficult to help from here. Maybe it 
would help, if I send you my list of installed packages with versions, so you 
can look at.

Best regards


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