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Re: kde 5 display problem

Am Dienstag, 1. September 2015, 17:52:27 schrieb Nick Zarkadas:
> Hi all.
> After upgrade to kde5 my desktop doesn't display icons anymore
> All icons became black (see the attachments for details or click
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/gyr3bzuu4mhyfyr/snapshot1_desktop_kde_5_with_dolph
> in.png?dl=0 and
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/1azehqpu2evry5j/snapshot1_desktop_kde_5.png?dl=0 )
> I use the debian testing release , my video driver is nouveau and my
> graphics card
> is an old nvidia FX5200.
> Does anyone has an idea why this happed?
> Thanks !
Hi Nick,

got the same problem here. The problem is wrong depenedencies in 
debian/testing. Do not know, why the package team did not care. This problem 
is since kde5 is out. 

It took me hours, to get kde5 running again and I had to do some tricks.
At the moment the greatest problem is, that kwin-x11 and its dependencies are 
deinstalled at upgrade, as well as plasma-desktop.

I solved the problem with a trick:

Activate debian/unstable in the sources.list, then do an apt-get update.
Do NOT USE aptitude!

When this is done, try to install plasma-desktop and kwin-x11 again by using 
apt-get. Again: Do not use aptitude, as you get wromng dependencies.

If you get kde5 running again, remove the entry of unstable in sources.list.

Now start synaptic, and install the missing packages for kde5. I installed 
those with the version 5.3.2-1.

Hint: breeze must be installed, but a better look is with oxygen-dsx. You have 
to download this environment.

Also breeze misses some icons, so i switched to nouvola design, which must be 
extra downloaded, too.

Hope this helps a little bit. 

Good luck! 


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