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Problem with Jessie, Chrome, and Icedove

I had a bug when I installed Jessie, and I'd like to finish confirming it.

This is happening on a Dell Optiplex 620GX with 2 gigs of RAM, and a dual core processor on the CPU.  It also has an Intel graphics adapter onboard.  It's a pretty common workstation in the corporate world, so I'm surprised that it's not working with Jessie.

There are two issues:

1)  The GPU process in Google Chrome takes up 50 percent plus of the CPU utilization  - not memory, CPU utilization - and on both cores.  Nothing else can run, or one of the CPU cores will saturate and the computer slows to a crawl.

2)  Additionally, when I run icedove (Thunderbird) by itself, I get one of the CPU cores at 100 percent utilization, and the second one runs between 30 and 50 percent utilization.  I can't run Chrome at the same time, and in Wheezy I used to have those two idling in the background while I'm working in foreground with whatever.

Using the --disable-GPU command line parameter in Chrome cures the problem somewhat with Chrome by itself, but it's not a panacea.  Short of recompiling icedove, I haven't found anything yet that fixes the problem with icedove.

Anyone have any idea what changed from Wheezy to cause this?

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