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Temporarily hold a package............

		From my keyboard:
I have been looking through the man pages for: apt-get, apt-get upgrade,
but I'm certain I don't understand how I might hold a package for a

Anyone who can and is inclined to help, might assist me for the whole
testing cycle in this case with their advice.

I get this when I attempt an upgrade of stretch:

Retrieving bug reports...

Done Parsing Found/Fixed information... 

Done serious bugs of openssl (1.0.1k-3 → 1.0.2a-1) <Outstanding>
 b1 - #770605 - openssl: Removes symbol without SONAME bump
Merged with: 768476 768522 769023 770278 771169 771993 781094 781929

openssl(1 bug)

Are you sure you want to install/upgrade the above packages?
[Y/n/?/...] n
****** Exiting with an error in order to stop the installation. ******
********************************************************************** :

Thanks in advance.


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