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Re: Help with ddrescue

German wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > There is an idea that I didn't see proposed as I read through this
> > thread.  If one had three same sized drives then there is another
> > possibility.  
> Problem I have now is the lack of money. I simply don't have money now
> to buy yet another drive. I took out one drive from my another system,
> bought usb external enclosure and thought I'll succeed. Hmm..
> everything is just not as easy as it seems.

I think I read that you have one identically sized drive, yes?  I am
not sure where you are sitting with regards to the other suggestions.
But at the least I would make one good backup as soon as possible.
And it seems that possibly you have the capability at this time?

On the backup it might be possible (not sure how advised it would be)
but possible to mount it read-only and then read files from it.  The
copy would have had errors and therefore the file system would
probably be somewhat damaged.  But mounted read-only I presume there
would be no more changes to it.  Might be possible to copy the files
that could be recovered from the read-only media off elsewhere over
the network or to other places.  That might get you a lot of what you
need within the limits that you have.

Good luck!


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