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Re: Help with ddrescue


With ddrescue, you do not (want to) create a new filesystem directly on
the new device.

What you want to do is create a filesystem _image_, in a file which is
stored on the new device.

Step-by-step, what you do is:

* Create a filesystem on your "good" drive (/dev/sdc). You can use any
filesystem you want.

* Mount the newly created filesystem somewhere. For example, if you want
to mount it to the empty directory '/mnt/new_disk', you could run the
     mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/new_disk

* Run the command
     ddrescue /dev/sdb /mnt/new_disk/sdb_failed.img
Note that this will create _two_ files: the rescued filesystem image,
and a "log file" which ddrescue uses to keep track of what it has
already successfully rescued and where it has encountered errors. This
second file will take up additional space.

As someone just reading this list for my own info, I found the
above explanation quite helpful. It is a combination of a
detailed example and a tutorial.  It provides clarity instead
of what often might just be considered "helpful(???)" hints
as to what is required. Thank you!!

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