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Re: no root file system after encryption

On Mon, 04 May 2015, Juha Heinanen wrote:

> I'm trying to install debian jessie with three partitions: /boot, /,
> and swap.  i'm able to create and encrypt the partitions fine, but
> when I then try to changes to disk, installer complains:
>   No root file system defined, please correct this from partitioning
> menu.
> The second partition had / as its mount point before the encryption.
> Why was it lost?  What is the correct procedure to create the
> encrypted partitions?
> Also, looks like it is not possible to correct anything from
> partitioning menu because of the encryption.

More details of exactly what you did would help. That is. Did you use
LVM or Primary/Logical partitioning? Which partitions did you encrypt?
You didn't encrypt /boot did you?  Did you let the installer handle the
partitioning and encryption or did you set up encryption after the OS
installation.  Etc.


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