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also won't properly restore sound levels, sometimes


this has been a problem that i've had as long as i can remember.

also seems to not restore sound levels properly.

i can save with

  alsactl store

restore with 

  alsactl restore

and it works, and the levels are stored in the default file, /var/lib/alsa/asound.state just like they should be.

i've done test reboots and yea verily, the levels are restored properly.

and yet, sometimes they are not.

so i wondered to myself, WTF ?!

obvious possibilities:

  1 at shutdown, the levels have gotten wacked and the wacked levels are being saved
  2 some application is stomping on the levels and then those levels get saved.

so after some experimentation i found at least one of my problems.  when i plug the headphones in to the front jack the mixer settings get wacked, but more interestingly they do NOT get restored properly.

however i'm having a hard time tracking down how that's being handled in the system.

anybody have any ideas ?

once i solve this problem i can test some more and see if that is the only problem.



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