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/etc/environment not available for normal user while for root it is[was Re: sudo not respecting /etc/sudoers]

I am using Jessie with XFCE.

When I try to invoke any network using utility as normal user my
/etc/environment is not getting used as if for normal user
/etc/environment doesn't exist. While when I try to invoke the same
utility as a root user the proxy set in /etc/environment just works as
if /etc/environment exists for root user only.

Here is my /etc/environment http://paste.debian.net/170960

`$ env` (as normal user)
does not show any of the three proxy variables set in /etc/environment

`# env` (as root user)
displays all the three variables set in /etc/environment

$ ls -la /etc/environment
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 117 May  2 17:41 /etc/environment

Please help!

Avinash Sonawane (RootKea)
PICT, Pune

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