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Re: sudo not respecting /etc/sudoers

Le quartidi 14 floréal, an CCXXIII, Avinash Sonawane a écrit :
> No. Sorry for not being so clear. When I say `$ env` (i.e. as normal

Do not worry, everyone forgets to check basic things from time to time.

> user) it doesn't show http_proxy. As if /etc/environment is not
> available to normal user. I wonder why? (I checked file permissions
> they are 0644)
> When I say `# env` (i.e. as root user) I can see `http_proxy`,
> `https_proxy` and `ftp_proxy` as if /etc/environment is available to
> root only.

So there you are: the problem is not with sudo, it is with the environment
of your normal user.

Did you close your login session and start a fresh one since you changed


  Nicolas George

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