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Re: Pining for Qt 5.4

On Friday 01 May 2015 08:28:26 Markus-Hermann Koch wrote:
> Hi folks!
> I would like to use Qt 5.4 for its QOpenGLWidget. However,
> Qt 5.4 is still stuck in experimental. Being a user I now seem to have
> several options:
> 2.) Grant root privileges to
> ./qt-opensource-linux-x64-1.6.0-8-online.run (the linux installer from
> www.qt.io) and see what happens.
> Is that dangerous?

I only ever installed the offline version and the last I installed on Debian 
Wheezy was qt 5.2 but it went smoothly.

I don't remember I had to be root to install it but I may be wrong on this.

The installer creates a Qt directory in your $HOME directory and copies the 
libraries, binaries, examples, documentation and QtCreator into it (for 
instance, the current version would be in $HOME/Qt/Qt5.4.1).

You can install several versions of the Qt librairies and binaries. They all 
use distinct subdirectories in $HOME/Qt. As a consequence, you must not forget 
to manually unintall older versions when you don't need them any more.

QtCreator is configured to detect existing Qt librairies on the system and in 
your home directory. You just select the library version you want to use to 
build your project.

If you build your project against the Qt librairies installed in your home 
directory, you can still release your application you include a copy of every 
required so file within the application directory. Don't forget to distribute 
your application with the platform directory (I don't remember where it is).


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