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Colorized Prompts Problem

I entered the following in .bashrc

   PS1='\033[01;33m\h:\w\$ \033[00m'       

to colorize the prompt (very handy to find the prompt when a command
fills the console screen with lines of text)

The only problem occurs when the next entry is more than one line.  In
that case the entry wraps around without moving to a new line. Instead
it overwrites the begining of the current line. The command will still
work but cannot be revised in the case of a typo.

For example the prompt alone may be almost a line long, the \w means it
will contain the full path to the current directory.  The next command
to be entered is a long one that should wrap to a new line but instead
begins to overwrite the directory path. You see you made a typo and try
to move back with the left arrow key and instead the cursor jumps to the
line above.

Admittedly this is an infrequent and not a serious problem. Still it is
annoying when it occurs. Have I made an error in the colorizing prompt?


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