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Re: various bugs on Debian 8 with Kde

On 2015-04-30, Nick <nmb@nickbooker.uk> wrote:
> On 30/04/15 17:51, gprd@libero.it wrote:
> Hi Giuseppe.
>> 3. Once in some way one succedes to install the system, every time
>> you install a program the program will not appear in the menu list of
>> installed programs.
> My guess is the programs you've installed are command-line tools, so
> would not be expected to show up in the KDE menu (I assume this is the
> menu you're talking about).

You can check using the command

	dpkg -L <package name> | grep /usr/share/applications/

If there is no output, then you would not expect an entry in the global
applications menu.



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