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Q: automount usb sticks with user permissions?


 I use 2 debian sid box. Both box are running Gnome3. There is a
different action about automounting usb stick to both machine. 
 Its difference is:

   * One debian box automounts usb stick under /media/username/, and
     also username's permissions(owner username,write permittive) are   
     given to /media/username.

   * Another debian box automounts under /media/usb0,and 
      only root user's permission(owner root) are given to /media/usb0

 I'm looking up settings/documentations,but I haven't 
gotten any idea,yet.
 It seems like bug #767233,but I would like to know a workaround.

 Does anyone knows how to check? Any hints are OK.

 P.S. I checked UDISKS_FILESYSTEM_SHARED aren't specified both machines.

Thanks in advance,

Takahide Nojima

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