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Re: [Debian 8.0 Installation] Firmware files on USB stick with debian iso

On Friday 01 May 2015 04:43:00 Avinash Sonawane wrote:
> Finally I went ahead without the firmware files and installed the
> Debian 8.0. And now it's working just fine! Perhaps due to the fact
> that I selected the mirror and fetched packages from Internet (using
> Ethernet) during installation.
> My advice will be : Do not try to use firmware files at the time of
> installation.

I echo that!

> In short though official Debian Installation Guide discusses about
> loading the firmware files alongside the Debian installation image on
> a single USB stick, the mechanism is most probably screwed up. Hope
> that changes till next release.

It's been the case for at least some years.  I have never manage to persuade 
it to work.  

> Thank you for your help.
> PS- If your Ethernet firmware is missing too (with wireless) then
> first install the Debian and then download the firmware files using
> another machine and then manually copy/configure the files in
> installed Debian system.

I work round it by  temporarily installing an old network card, install with 
that and ethernet (old, so that there are free drivers in the kernel), sort 
the other drivers out after installation, and remove the card.  in the future 
that may not work, of course, because of the new form formats of motherboards 
and computers.


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