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Re: Best way for "Red Hat guy" to learn Debian?

On Sun, Apr 26, 2015 at 09:04:21PM +0100, Lisi Reisz wrote:
> On Sunday 26 April 2015 20:46:22 Ric Moore wrote:
> > On 04/26/2015 03:30 PM, Ian Pilcher wrote:
> > > I'm a longtime user of Red Hat-style distributions (RHL, RHEL, CentOS,
> > > Fedora, etc.).  My home router/firewall is a 32-bit VIA C7 system that
> > > is currently running CentOS 6.  I really want to move this to a more
> > > modern stable distribution, but Red Hat has abandoned 32-bit platforms
> > > with RHEL 7.  Thus, I'm considering moving this system to Debian Jessie.
> > >
> > > Does anyone know of any good resources (books, web sites, etc.) to help
> > > an experienced "Red Hat guy" make the transition?  I'm really looking
> > > for something that highlights the differences from a sysadmin's point of
> > > view.  Unfortunately, I don't think I have the patience for any sort of
> > > "intro to Linux".  ;-)
> >
> > You shouldn't find a huge difference at all. You can use apt-get sorta
> > like you used yum. I think, if you are running headless, that would need
> > to familiarize yourself with it. I think you will come to appreciate
> > apt-get after using yum for years, as I did in 2006. Other than that, I
> > cannot think of a major difference, other than if you install Jessie,
> > you will get systemd. Wheezy doesn't have it, unless you install it.
> > Welcome, from an RPM expat. :) Ric
> Speaking as a Debianist who has occasionally used RH-style distributions:
> The files are in different places.
> The run levels are different: well, 0,1 and 6 are the same, but the others are 
> used differently.
> I can't get used to update (YUM) meaning upgrade (aptitude etc.).
> Welcome to the bright side. ;-)
> Lisi

I was also an RH/Fedora/CentOS guy until about 2006, when I came to my senses
(got tired of yum breaking stuff).
Actually, I switched from Fedora to Debian desktop, and still had
CentOS on my servers until about 2010 (dunno why, have no excuse, just
I was using GoDaddy and that's what they had. Now I use Contabo.com and
just rent a VPS, much better).

It won't take too much to acclimate yourself, either.
Just look around the file system and familiarize yourself with the
different arrangement, learn to use aptitude, and you'll eventually be
right at home.
I'm sure you'll appreciate the much greater number of pkgs available
without having to add 3rd party repos, the stability, etc.
I think you'll eventually see the truth: that the Debian Way IS
the Right Way!
I'm still using Wheezy so can't comment on systemd, yet.
Welcome to the Mother Ship!


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