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Re: can't automatically launch lxde

On 21/04/15 08:21 PM, James wrote:
I installed lxde as a gui desktop but I can't get it to run automatically.
I need to login as me and then do sudo kdm (sudo lxdm doesn't work).

It sounds like kdm isn't starting automatically, so you probably don't have any gui starting (is this correct?).

You probably have kdm or lxdm installed but not both, which is why only one starts. Lxdm is not a Debian package so if you are running Debian, that would explain it.

The easiest way to fix the problem may be to:

sudo apt-get purge kdm
sudo apt-get install kdm

This should fix any corruption that may have occurred and should set up kdm to run on startup. If you prefer lxdm, simply change the install line to lxdm (assuming that you are running Ubuntu).

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