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Re: [solved] Re: Change partition numbering

Quoting Joe (joe@jretrading.com):
> What happens next depends on exactly what's on the partitions, and
> where the references to /dev/sda1, etc. are. I think there is only
> likely to be trouble where grub is involved, as it stores actual disc
> locations.

I think you're confusing grub with LILO. Grub can read partition
tables, UUIDs, LABELs and filesystems.

> Everything else is likely to refer to the mount points in
> fstab, and if mounting is by UUID, presumably nothing needs to be done
> even there.

Indeed, and also if using LABELs. That's why I wondered about the
reason for making the change if it was at all risky (which it turned
out not to be). The OP didn't say.


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