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Re: Change partition numbering

On 2015-04-18, Rodolfo Medina <rodolfo.medina@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all.
> After resizing a partition on my hard disk, 
> partition numbering changed and now
> number 7 comes before and number 6 comes after:
> Model: ATA SAMSUNG MP0402H (scsi)
> Disk /dev/sda: 40.1GB
> Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
> Partition Table: msdos
> Disk Flags: 
> Number  Start   End     Size    Type      File system     Flags
>  1      32.3kB  8390MB  8390MB  primary   fat32           boot
>  2      8390MB  40.1GB  31.7GB  extended                  lba
>  5      8390MB  9434MB  1045MB  logical   linux-swap(v1)
>  7      9434MB  26.2GB  16.8GB  logical   ext3
>  6      26.2GB  40.1GB  13.8GB  logical   ext3
> Is it possible, and how?, to correct that and change back 7 with 6?  Googling
> around found no solution.
> Thanks for any help,
> Rodolfo

Yes it is possible with GNU Linux fdisk in expert mode.

Boot systemrescuecd (CD/USB) or GNU/Linux LiveCD
that has a recent version of GNU linux fdisk binary available.
run fdisk -l from root term or console
to determine proper drive dev location.
Then run for instance, if the drive shows to be
/dev/sda as determined via the output of fdisk -l.
Run fdisk as below:
fdisk /dev/sda
Then at the fdisk prompt type:
now you should be in expert mode and at the expert mode prompt.
at the expert mode prompt. If all went right it will realign
partition order. When you are really sure you have done this 
all properly, you would then type:
at the fdisk prompt and changes will be written to disk.

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