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ssh hangs for 5 seconds for a particular machine

When connecting by SSH to a particular machine, ssh hangs for
5 seconds. The client machine doesn't matter (except for the
machine itself). For instance:

xvii:~> ssh -vvv 2>>(ts -s "%.s") ypig
0.278462 debug2: key: /home/vinc17/.ssh/id_rsa (0x7f943e415e90), explicit
0.278513 debug2: key: rsa w/o comment (0x7f943e418a60),
0.278553 debug2: key: rsa w/o comment (0x7f943e418620),
0.278591 debug2: key: /home/vinc17/.ssh/id_rsa-internal ((nil)), explicit
5.291295 debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,password

This is always reproducible and this problem had never occurred
before today.

Any idea?

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