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Re: Q: 'df' reports partition is full but 'du' shows not full partition -- how to find where the problem

On 04/07/2015 05:47 PM, Snow Leopard wrote:
> Hello,
> what would be a best approach for the following situation:
> You have a web server and monitoring system reports that you short on
> disk space. You login into web server computer and command 'df' indeed
> shows that some partition is almost full.
> How would you resolve the issue if 'du' does not confirm that disk is full.
> You 'du' all directories in the root of the partition but sum does not
> adds up to match 'Use%' reported by 'df'.
> For such situation I would assume that some process holds huge open file
> which was deleted (for example your web server was compromised).
> Question: how would you find the process which holds 'deleted' file?


I normally start looking for those deleted files by doing this:

$ lsof | grep -i deleted

Pass the partition into lsof to narrow the scope.

Hope that helps!

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