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Re: Authentication breakdown

On Tue, Apr 7, 2015 at 6:30 PM, francis picabia <fpicabia@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 7, 2015 at 10:02 AM, francis picabia <fpicabia@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm having a perplexing problem around authentication on my home system.
>> It has been running 32 bit Debian for years, and up to date with Debian 7.
>> Nothing new had been installed or configured for months, only
>> aptitude update and aptitude safe-upgrade.
>> This morning, checking email, I found thunderbird could not login to dovecot.
>> Restarted dovecot and no difference.
>> SSH login failed from two different systems.
>> I checked that the firewall on Linux was off.
>> I checked last reports and there was no unusual access.
>> Tested with chkrootkit and nothing came up.
>> This system is normally protected by unusual ssh port
>> plus denyhosts against brute force login.
>> nsswitch.conf had compat for passwd, group and shadow,
>> and I switched it to "files", with no difference.  Nothing
>> seemed odd under /etc/pam.d with the common-* files.
>> Console login as my user or as root failed.
>> dmesg didn't report anything unusual happened.
>> Tried a passwd refresh to a new password.  That required
>> entering my existing password, and entering the existing
>> password worked.  However it wouldn't allow ssh or console
>> login with the changed password.  I changed it back
>> to the usual password, and again, it accepted the
>> old password when prompted.
>> Eventually I was locked out when the screen save came on
>> after leaving it alone for awhile.  I rebooted, and the system still
>> has this wacky behaviour.  In addition, the gdm screen
>> does not come up - displaying only an hourglass.
>> VT consoles do come up after reboot, but again,
>> console login as myself or root are failing,
>> and ssh login from remote as myself is failing.
>> I've never seen something like this fail before unless I had
>> been messing around with pam configuration files.  I'm currently
>> unable to get into the system so I'll be getting a rescue CD
>> set up to use later today.
>> Anyone have suggestions on what could have happened?
> Working on this some more...
> On a single user login I can login as root, but not once it starts
> services.  I've attempted to trim back inits, but so far no difference
> once it comes up after single user mode.
> In single user mode I can run debsums -cs and it doesn't discover
> anything corrupted other than something I know about, like flashplayer.
> /etc/inittab has the expected getty services, and lsattr doesn't
> show anything odd about /sbin/getty.
> I'd like to see something that describes the bare minimum to get
> Debian to boot multiuser - looking at rcconf there are several I'm
> not sure I can do without.  It is a system that has come from Debian 5
> to 6 to 7 so there are possibly left overs.  But again, this is nothing
> new and has not impacted anything before.  The system had been
> rebooted about a month before.

Problem resolved...

I decided to redo pam-auth-update with --force
That was interesting as it showed stuff not in the common-*

     [*] Cracklib password strength checking
     [*] Unix authentication
     [ ] Winbind NT/Active Directory authentication
     [ ] GNOME Keyring Daemon - Login keyring management
     [ ] ConsoleKit Session Management

I had checks in GNOME and ConsoleKit somehow.  When those were removed
then all authentication worked again.

I don't know what change had recently crept up, but I can remember
I was getting annoyed with a browser pop up about key rings, and
I had done something which I had hoped would eliminate that.  Perhaps
that crippled this PAM plugin.  Any I don't need it, so it is
unchecked and I'm fine now.

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