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Re: sshfs: problem with rsync

On 04/05/2015 03:57 PM, Pierre Frenkiel wrote:
On Sun, 5 Apr 2015, Dominique Dumont wrote:

You don't need to use sshfs with rsync.

rsync is able to use ssh with something like

rsync -av /some/where remote_system:/to/some/where

   my Android ssh server uses the port 2223, and I could not find how to
   force rsync to use this port. (you need to call a remote rsync, which
   exists on Unix but not on Android)

   Anyway, Kushal Kumaran gave 5 days ago the way to fix the sshfs issue..

Pierre, or anyone really,

For some time I've been using an app on my android (v.4.0.1) phone called Software Data Cable for transferring files. It works fine every time, but is a bit of a run-around and not terribly secure. The app is essentially an ftp server. So I start it up on my phone, then open an ftp session on my laptop, log in (with password of course), and then can change directories, list files, transfer files, etc. Because it's ftp, nothing is encrypted-- and this is running over wifi. But I don't worry too much about one of my neighbors tapping into my signal and capturing a part of an ftp session, or worse. Still, I'd prefer to use something more modern and much more secure... then I could leave it running on my phone all the time (for automated cron sessions and other reasons) and not, in the case of Software Data Cable, have to always first start it up, then immediately afterwards shut it down.

So what app are you using on your android? Did you have to root your phone to install it? And what is the rsync command did you find to successfully sync your files?

Thanks much.

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