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Re: e2fsck.conf and ssh_known_hosts: where?

> While attempting to debug a flaky HDD under Jessie, I had occasion to
> inspect the conf file /etc/e2fsck.conf, and found that it doesn't
> exist on any of my computers. But the man e2fsck mentions file
> e2fsck.conf and man e2fsck.conf states that the default location is
> /etc/e2fsck.conf . Has support for site specific configuration been
> abandoned? Or where is it kept?

You probably have this file on your system but only in /initrd.img,
ever since they added that early fsck before root is mounted. It reads


and is put there by /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/fsck thusly

# e2fsck may fail or warn if the system time is not yet correct, which
# will happen if the RTC driver is modular or the RTC is set to local
# time.  Disable this behaviour.  (No other fsck does this,
# apparently.)
mkdir -p "${DESTDIR}/etc"
cat >"${DESTDIR}/etc/e2fsck.conf" <<EOF


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