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Fwd: add a remote login to the window login

I read in the features of lightdm
"Supports remote login (incoming - XDMCP, VNC, outgoing - XDMCP, pluggable)."

But I can't find where to configure it.

I want to enter from a local machine running  to a remote server using XDMCP.

I did it with without problem from a thin client.

Now I  want to do it from an old PC,  that I want to use it  as a simple terminal.

In the window of the login I have only local accounts on my local machine,
I want to configure the lightdm in order to get in the menu of   the login window of lightdm  the  remote servers running XDMCP?

on one word : I want to add  a remote XDMCP login to my menu in window login

thanks for help
best regards


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