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Re: re-set time/date

> You didn't try very hard, did you? This list is not intended as a
> replacement for google!
> LMGTFU: http://bit.ly/1NGl5FG

I would rather say "I didn't _google_ very hard" -- has it turned to
be mandatory? Debian has its own documentation [1], and if something (quite basic)
is missing on it, then why not ask here? Making it known, that information might
be included in the next version of the manual..
(In fact the obsolete manual that google showed to you did have such a paragraph)

Lastly, if you care about the space wasted on servers to host "wrong" messages,
then I think that people who quote hundreds of lines of messages when they write
a reply are ways more blamable than someone that deserve a GIYF (that IMO is never
a blame).

[1] https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/debian-reference/index.en.html

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