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Re: X11/Thinkpad T430: partially drops input from USB devices after resume

On Sat, 21 Mar 2015, stefan.schwarzer@gmx.net wrote:

> I am using my laptop (lenovo T430, debian testing) regularly in a docking station. The dock has a USB keyboard, USB mouse and monitor 
> permanently attached. The laptops suspends from time to time, and _after_ resuming X11 or some other system component 
> the input from USB mouse and keyboard to be dropped/ignored partially. Symptoms are that the cursor does not move with 
> the mouse, however it will start moving again if I click any of the mouse buttons; or that the keyboard input is ignored until 
> I hit some arbitrary keys very rapidly. The USB amnesia starts again if I leave the input device untouched for some seconds.
> The issue will not occur for newly connected devices or if I reconnect mouse/keyboard. The dock is not the issue as I can 
> reproduce the phenomenon with a USB mouse directly connected to the laptop. 

> I have no clue what could be going on...

Probably a USB autosuspend issue.  Do you have laptop-mode-tools
installed?  If yes, can you get rid of it and re-test?

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