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A USB HDD is trouble outbreak in debian7.7

I managed debian 7 by the following constitution.

  Body) I-O DATA GLANTANK 2.0TB (500GB * 4 RAID0, iop32x)
  USB1) I-O DATA HDZ-UES  2.0TB (500GB * 4 JBOD)
  USB2) I-O DATA HDZ-UES  1.0TB (250GB * 4 JBOD)
  USB3) I-O DATA HDZ-UES  1.0TB (250GB * 4 JBOD)
  USB4) I-O DATA HDW-UE   1.0TB (500GB * 2 JBOD)

After making 7.7 from debian 7.6, malfunction occurred.

  1) A sector error occurs when I do mount and becomes the lead only
  2) I fail in synchronization of the file system when I do fdisk

I gave following tests to cut a problem into pieces.

  1) I do operation same as GLANTANK in x64 environment whether it is a problem of the hardware.
    -> Because the same problem occurs with both, it is not peculiar to hardware.

  2) I confirm whether it is the problem of the HDD of USB1 - 4 with the test tool of the HDD maker.
    -> Because the HDD of all passed a test, it is not a problem of USB1 - 4.

  3) I do the same operation in Fedora whether it is a problem peculiar to debian.
    -> Because it reappeared in Fedora, I conclude it to be a problem of kernel.

  4) I change a version of kernel on debian and do the same operation.
    -> 3.2.62   : It does not reappear
       3.2.63 ~ : Reappear
       3.18.0 ~ : Reappear

  5) I report it to kernel.org and do the same operation after enforcement in the end run which there was of the answer.
    -> Please refer to https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=89511.

It is to say that my USB HDD cannot support the change of this journal function in conclusion.
I make kernel latest or seem to but make a USB HDD a different one if I continue managing it by the present constitution.

I knew that it was not developed debian 8 for GLANTANK by a document.
Because there is no help for it, I think to manage it without formating ext2, and using the journal function.

※In addition, one of file system is destroyed when an error happens as for this malfunction even once.
  I hope that it reappears and is not given a test with the contained HDD of important data.

※Because the funny grammar is machine translation; a pardon

That's all.

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