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Any advice for a user about to use LVM for the first time?

I've just gotten 4 4TB drives to replace my 4 2TB drives.  I'm wanting to have one normal 4TB drive and one logical 12TB drive, so I will make three physical drives into one group, one logical volume and one partition support the big partition.  My system actually resides on a fifth: an SSD drive.  I am not interested in RAID, and I'm not sure striping would even help.  I just have gigantic files I need to create and process once in a while, so it's really temporary space.

I do want to insulate the one drive from any failures on the other three.  That data is not at all temporary, but it is backed up regularly.  I want to limit it's failure profile.

I've read through some documentation, including
So I think I know how to do it.  I'm just not sure I know how to do it _best_.  I'm a bit daunted by the size of /etc/lvm/lvm.conf, and wonder if the defaults are going to work for me.

I'm about to start a backup of the existing system.  It will take a while.  I wonder if anyone has wisdom they'd like to share.

Kevin O'Gorman
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