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Re: Wheezy->Jessie upgrade: udev (pre)install issue

On 27-12-2014 19:12, Patrick Bartek wrote:
On Sat, 27 Dec 2014, Matthijs wrote:

Basically I followed the normal recipe: change /etc/apt/sources.list
to read 'jessie' instead of 'wheezy', then apt-get update, then
apt-get dist-upgrade. That's how I've done it since 2003 or so, never
any big issues.

Just curious.  Why are you upgrading to Jessie now while it's still
Testing and has potential problems?  Why not wait until it's the
new Stable?  If you just want to try it out, a dual boot or virtual
machine scenario would be safer.  A dual boot was what I did with
Wheezy while it was still Testing (Beta 4 Installer) to see if it
would fill my needs.  It did.  And when it went Stable, it became my
primary OS.

No real good reason. I have the time to upgrade now, and in the past I've always migrated whenever 'testing' felt as approaching stability. 160 bugs for the next release, which is already a lot less than the current release. And, usually, I can solve any issues myself (with some google-help).

Other than that: having newer packages available. "sabnzbdplus" already showed some issues that are probably solved in a new release; I recently had an issue with darwin calendar server (didn't want to communicate anymore with Thunderbird/Lightning, after those got upgraded). Also I started using OwnCloud - and I feel better using all from the Debian repositories instead of opensuse.org repository.

And dual-boot is not very convenient for an always-on personal headless server :-)

Kind regards,

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