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Re: tc-utils

Boruch Baum wrote:
> Please respond to me directly, as well as on list.
> Today, I performed an `apt-get -t testing upgrade', which suggested a
> package `tc-utils'.
> However, no package tc-utils seems to exist in the debian repositories.
> Normally, I would file a bug against the package 'suggest'ing tc-utils,
> but I've already performed the upgrade, and don't know how, at this
> point, to find the 'suggest'ing package. I don't see a relevant search
> parameter in aptitude search. How would I do this?

The dpkg status file will contain the package header information
including Suggests and Recommends.  Look through it and see what
package suggests it.

  less +/tc-utils /var/lib/dpkg/status

Since it is on your system I expect your system to include it there
somewhere.  I looked through the file on my system and didn't turn up
anything interesting.

The grep-status tool is also very useful.

  # apt-get install dctrl-tools

And then you can do something like this:

  $ grep-status tc-utils | less

That will show you the entire package entry for any package that
matches the pattern.  The pattern in the above is tc-tuils.  Or more
fancy is to have it search only the Suggests field (-FSuggests) and
have it print only the Package line (-sPackage) and print only the
field value and not the field name (-n) and then the below would find
the answer directly.

  $ grep-status -FSuggests -sPackage -n tc-utils

Running this command on a local mirror told me the package was

  $ zcat debian/dists/wheezy/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz | grep-dctrl -FSuggests -sPackage -n tc-utils

  $ apt-cache show libpam-mount | grep Suggests
  Suggests: ncpfs, cifs-utils, openssl, fuse, davfs2, lsof, psmisc, xfsprogs, sshfs, tc-utils

Note that Suggests are fairly weak.  Not like Recommends which are
very strong.


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