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Re: cups clients?

Le 25/12/2014 17:18, Reco a écrit :
>  Hi.
> On Wed, Dec 24, 2014 at 11:05:05PM +0100, lee wrote:
>> Hi,
>> do you need to install the whole cups server on all machines that want
>> to print, or is there some sort of client setup to access the printers
>> available on a central server (which runs a fully featured cups)?
> It's surely possible to install cups client only (as of Wheezy the
> package is called cups-client) and print via one CUPS server over a
> network.
> Such configuration requires each client to have ~/.cups/client.conf with
> the name of server in it, unless you'd want to mess with CUPS
> auto-discovery feature.
> Reco

Or /etc/cups/client.conf, That's what I do for a park of ~ 200 machines,
to direct them automatically to the print server.

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