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Re: rezound, twinkle in jessie ?

On 22/12/14 12:31, Gerard ROBIN wrote:
I installed jessie on a external hard drives, (usb) I use rezound and
twinkle which are in squeeze only. They work fine in jessie but the
command "apt-get dist-upgade" propose to me to remove five packages and
among them rezound and twinkle.
My question: rezound and twinkle are they doomed to disappear from debian ?

rezound disappeared in wheezy; there isn't even an official Debian source package for it in unstable. In the interim, at least one of the library packages the squeeze binary package of rezound depends on has been superseded (libaudiofile0 has been superseded by libaudiofile1).

As for twinkle, the version in unstable has a Debian bug of severity "serious" relating to its build system:


which has apparently received no maintainer attention (not even "works for me" or "closed wontfix") since being filed in July 2014.

So yes, unless someone does the necessary work, it seems that these packages are indeed doomed to disappear from debian.

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