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Re: KDE's Dolphin too slow, with wheezy and NFS mounted home

On Fri, Dec 12, 2014 at 8:41 PM, Joao Roscoe <joao.roscoe@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm not a big dolphin user, so this is not day-after-day annoying issue., but...
Whenever I launch dolphin, the machine collapses to a crawl. After closing dolphin, everything gets back to normal. While dolphin is running, System Monitor show both CPU cores at 100% load. As soon as I close dolphin, the load drops to around 20%.

/proc/cpuinfo shows a dual core AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 B24 Processor, at 3GHz

Not reasonable, he? Any ideas?



Does "top" show what process is exploiting the cpu?  


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