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Re: New user question

Le 12.12.2014 11:00, Lisi Reisz a écrit :
On Friday 12 December 2014 09:21:31 Jeffrey Needle wrote:
Hi. I'm pretty new to Debian. I just downloaded the 64-bit .iso and have just installed it. I have a question about the date display on the
top panel.

My understanding is that clicking on the date on the top panel should display my appointments from Evolution, but it's not working. I have
lots of appointments, but nothing shows up.

Is there some other connection I should be making?


Gnome 3??

Hum... if he is new, then he probably have downloaded the stable Debian, which defaults to Gnome 3.4 (according to https://wiki.debian.org/Gnome).


I suppose you come from Windows, since you did not gave us any information. Considering that Windows does not offer choice in graphical environment, it makes sense that you would not have specified the one you use, and that you would not have noticed that there are others (considering that those environments are hidden into sub-menus before installation starts).

The desktop environment (often abbreviated as DE) is, basically, what provides you the set of (usually graphical, I have never heard about a non-graphic desktop environment) tools you will use on a daily basis. Gnome 3 is the name of the default DE in current Debian, and it is in version 3.4 in current stable version of Debian. Other examples of DEs are KDE, XFCE, LXDE, Enlightenment, and probably others I have not heard about.

In all those DEs, the application names tends to change, same for the places where things are on your screen, this is why Lisi asked you if you where using Gnome 3. Also, be prepared to long discussions between people about if some DE is better or worse than another, or about the question about DEs being useful at all :)

Welcome to choice.

Now, I can't help you on your issue, except if you are ok to use terminals, command-line.

If so, start a terminal (you should have some black icon with a symbol like a white >_ in it, that's it. Otherwise, I have noticed that on several DEs, ALT+F2 starts a prompt, in which you simply can enter x-terminal-emulator). Then, you first write 'man man' in it, to understand what you will do. Then, 'man date', 'man su', and finally, 'su -c date SOMETHINGYOUWANT' with SOMETHINGYOUWANT being what you determined from 'man date'. Note that you do not have to write the ' around commands, and if you are not patient enough to read all the man (which stands for manual) I gave you, then you only have to read 'man date', because it details date's format to set time.

Now, there is a very easier way with graphical things I guess. Easier for a newcomer, I mean.

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