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Re: LVM RAID5 with missing disk?

Pascal Hambourg wrote:
> Bob Proulx a écrit :
> > Do you have any articles or blogs or postings you have written that
> > would summarize raid alternatives?  I would enjoy reading whatever you
> > have written on the subject.  Or if you recommended other references.
> There is no need to write anything new about that subject. All is
> already available on Wikipedia, raid.wiki.kernel.org and so on.
> What I wrote above is simply derived from the definition of the RAID
> levels :
> A RAID 1 array of N disks provides fault tolerance for up to N-1 disks.
> A RAID 6 array provides fault tolerance for up to 2 disks.
> N-1 (RAID 1 fault tolerance) >= 2 (RAID 6 fault tolerance) if N >= 3

The reason I nudged was because reading man pages should always have
all of the details anyone would ever need.  However that only works if
one already knows how things work.  Reference documents may have all
of the details but it is nice to read tutorials and HOWTOs that
guide, explain and tutor people through with overall conclusions.  By
the very nature of them they make judgments.  Reference docs have
facts but being able to put the rationale of the decision making into
place around those facts is still valuable.  You seem to have a good
grasp of the problem space and as I said I would have enjoyed reading
any of your tutorials on it.  If there aren't any written then that is
okay too.

But in any case.  All is okay.  Thanks! :-)


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