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Re: How is typical home computer used today?

On 20141208_1214-0600, Richard Owlett wrote:
> In a thread titled "Re: 9p/plumber to replace D-Bus?"
> berenger.morel@neutralite.org wrote:
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> >Le 08.12.2014 14:18, Marty a écrit :
> >>[SNIP]
> >>Multi-seat PC and other
> >>anachronisms probably have to go away.
> Exactly what is meant by "Multi-seat PC"?

I was thinking about a similar question while reading the Plan 9 postings:
What is meant by 'PoC'? Let me try to answer your question.
1. 'PC' is, I believe, an abreviation for 'Personal Computer'
2. 'Multi-seat' is several seats, which could only imply several persons
   occupying those (several) seats.
Ergo, a confused expression open to multiple interpretations,
and no exact meaning whatsoever. 

Can you help me with 'PoC'?

> I'm working on defining a heavily customized personal installation of
> Debian. One of the *STRONG* underlying assumptions is the the machine would
> only ever be used by a specific individual. One of the underlying
> motivations is personally understanding the the guts of Linux.
> >[snip]

Paul E Condon           

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