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Re: How to guess how to add the key of a repo (GPG, apt-key add,...)

On 12/10/2014 02:19 PM, Andrei POPESCU wrote:
On Mi, 10 dec 14, 10:22:28, Mihamina Rakotomandimby wrote:
Hi all

I have to use a repo: http://open.iabsis.com/debian/
When adding it in my sources, apt complains about not having GPG key about
Would you know how to guess the gpg invocation (server, key,...) in order to
import it to apt?
Web searching engines are usually very good at finding answers to such 
queries. Searching for "add key apt repository" I found this.


Kind regards,

Thank you Andrei, but:
- the key of  http://open.iabsis.com/debian/ is not part of debian-archive-keyring or debian-keyring, it's a 3rd party repo.
- I gave http://open.iabsis.com/debian/ as an example, but you can imagine any other orphaned repository where I find a .deb I like
- the page you told me has the "gpg" invocation, but how to guess "--keyserver" and "--recv-keys" parameters value?

Thank you.

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